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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 5: Artichokes Braised with Onions and Thyme

Sorry it has taken me two days to get to this post.  Friday I went to my first crawfish boil.  It was loads of fun and I love to eat crawfish (now).  Oh, the wonderful foods I am exploring these days...

...except onions.  I hate onions.  I have hated them since I was child.  But it is time to grow up,  I am almost 30, and most normal adults eat onions with out a problem.  I knew there was going to be a time to cook this recipe, and as per my rules,  I CANNOT omit the onions.  PERIOD.

I minced those bad boys like with such angst, like a singer trying to sing a angsty song.  It made it more fun using my Pampered Chef chopper,  I love that thing!  But I really dreaded this.  I remembered that by browning the onions in oil would make them sweeter,  I so hoped that would be true!

My dear artichokes contaminated with onions.

And... it ended up being not that bad!  I ate the onions without gagging and enjoyed most of the meal!  We (My Beloved and I) had some thoughts.  Use the broth on something else,  it was not worth it on the artichokes.  Now Mr. Bishop did mention that a homemade broth works much better,  but I had to use canned, so we'll not be making this again.

Next week: One Artichoke recipe and 4 Asparagus recipes!  We'll be camping on asparagus for two weeks.


  1. I don't like raw onions either....but sautee-ing them definitely makes them sweeter because of the chemical reaction that turns them to sugar. Mmmm....I love grilled onions...I can't eat a steak without them.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. you gotta love the chemical reaction! :D


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