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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I forgot to cook, but I made bread today!

So sorry,  I think I made so much bread (and did so much cleaning) that I barley made dinner tonight, but I forgot to make the recipe.  Oh well.  At least I can still show you some food photographs and have some food dialogue!  What do you think??

A Loaf
     Our day started (after breakfast) with cleaning the boys room.  After we were done,  I had Chef Turbo help me make some bread for tomorrows lunch.  My Mother-in-Law told me over the phone the other day to sift with a spoon, my flour into the measuring cup.  This was a great job for Turbo.  It was almost like playing in a sand box.
     I decided to make a Whole Wheat Challah bread for our sandwich bread.  I really love the flavor and texture of Challah bread.  I got this recipe from a book my Sister-in-Law got me for Christmas: The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook.  I have cooked too many bread recipes out of that book,  it's addicting! 

  I switched out the water for milk,  so that left me with a nice, light, fluffy loaf.  The kids just wanted to snack on the whole thing.  It's hard not to eat homemade bread that is made right!

Hamburger Buns
     Because of Miss Beth's bread book,  I one day decided to make hamburger buns.  Ever since then, we have not turned back.  The homemade versions were just as good, or even better than restaurant quality,  and I would say better because I control what ingredients goes into my buns.   My Beloved loves to have pulled pork on these lovely little nuggets!   I bake them, let them cool, then stuff them with the meat and then freeze.   When he had lunch at work,  he pops it in the microwave for an instant lunch!  An home made instant lunch.   
     Today I made mini buns so that the boys could enjoy some hamburgers made more their size.  That is another great reason why to make your own Hamburger buns,  you can make kid sized ones and make it easier for your little ones to enjoy hamburgers with you!

   They were so good!  I love how the egg wash makes them so shiny and welcoming to eat!  These too I had to defend against the kids.  They love to eat these.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I'm catching up on your blog now... the bread looks GREAT!!! So what makes Challah bread different from regular? Sounds like it would be fun to try with freshly ground wheat :).


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