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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Basic Guacamole pp.24

  Since I tried cooking through chapters,  I quickly got tired of having the same vegetable every day.  I decided to just start cooking different vegetables throughout the week.   I was hoping to make guacamole tomorrow, but since I could not find any Kohlrabi, I had to make it tonight.   No regrets!

New Things Learned Every Time...
     The last time I cut open an avocado I learned how if I twisted the avocado I can take the seed out from one side without smooshing the avocado.  Well,  Mr. Bishop opened my eyes on how to peel the avocado without getting messy!  Just by using a spatula to separate the peel from the fruit.  IT WAS AMAZING! It worked! It was the least painful time I have ever had dealing with the avocado.

My son asked me what the inside of the pit looks like,  so instead of risking my fingers with a knife,  I used Google and found this.

Delish!  Unfortunately,  I did not have cilantro, and I decided against purchasing the jalapeno because I did not want the heat.  The results was still good.  Chef Turbo really enjoyed this,  he could not stop eating it.  Another great thing,  it had shallots (a type of onion), and I was able to mentally handle it!  YAY I am growing up and out of my hatred for onions.

  We only ate them with chips.  You as my reader,  if you have eating Guacamole,  what have you eaten it with?  Any suggestions?  I still have plenty left for tomorrow!

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  1. YUM! I love guacamole! We had some the other night- I spread it on top of homemade pita bread and put chicken strips on it, then topped with cheese (its supposed to have diced tomatoes on top too, but we were out) and then baked for about 5 minutes at 350 till the cheese melted. Turned out great!


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