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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 6: Roasted Asparagus with Oil and Salt pp. 16

Happy Monday everyone! We begin this week with a new vegetable!  Asparagus, is the member of the, well, asparagus family.  It's a flowering plant, and it's diuretic,  a word I always love to hear! (1)  Don't ask why.  Asparagus is another one of those lovely green plants, and a lovely shade of green it bears.
I am no stranger to this great vegetable.  My first experience with this vegetable was when we (My Beloved and I) were saying good bye to one of his co-workers before we moved.  I think My Beloved ordered the plate of asparagus,  I am not sure who did,  but that is when I had my first bite,  and I fell in love.

I made the alternative recipe, which was to add just a few herbs to the oil before roasting.  Mr. Bishop loves this method when it comes to cooking asparagus. 

I very much enjoyed this.  The kids loved it.  They ate tonight before we did,  so as we ate and tried it,  they kept coming back to the table to sneak more bites.  It was so cute and it warmed my heart.  It's nice to know as a mother, I can serve my children asparagus!
  My Beloved was not as thrilled.  He mentioned that the sauce would better fit green beans.  Mental note taken.

Chef Turbo Note:  Tonight I let him help me make the spaghetti for dinner.  I got to teach him hot boiling water safety (like which way to take the lid off).  Now don't worry,  I still took the lid off,  but he got to drop the noodles in when it was safe.  He also got to spin the lettuce dry and help me tear the lettuce for salad.  What a great helper he is!  I am so blessed :D

Sous Chef Squeaker Note:  He's as cute too,  but going through the terrible twos.  Makes preparing dinner more fun.

Day 7: Roasted Asparagus with Peanut Sauce



  1. I'm not a huge fan of asparagus...but that last picture makes them look sooooo good! Oh...and I know what diuretic means. ;)

  2. Mmmm, I like asparagus in certain recipes! Your picture looks yummy! And that's great that the boys liked it too! Woohoo! :)

  3. P.S. This looks like a really fun project- cooking through a book and all... makes me want to try it too! Only maybe with a cheesecake cookbook or something. Hmmmmm :D. lol!

  4. Abby if you do that... expect me to come over for some! :D


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