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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4: Browned Baby Artichokes and Mushrooms with Garlic pp.4

A long night, lead to a long day.  But I still had enough energy to make the next recipe.   Chef Turbo found a new game to play on the Wii, he was to busy to help.  Due to the nature of this recipe, the only thing I let Sous Chef Squeaker play in the sink.  He had such a blast,  it was fun to watch him play :D.

Baby Artichokes are not younger versions of the adult plant, but rather it's artichokes from another part of the plant.  They are more tender and smaller than the main artichoke.  
  I found that they were easier to peel and remove the choke.  I found them quite cute!  The lady at Whole Foods said that they sell quickly.  I found them quite pricey,  but worth the try.  

I was required only to use a certain number of the baby artichokes,  so now I have a few left to experiment with, maybe on Saturday.  My Beloved came up with a great recipe idea,  but I'll have to surprise you with that later.

This side dish is the best so far.  I am going to have a copy of it for my "Side Dish Notebook".  Tons of different flavors, and the texture was just wonderful!   Sadly,  I was the only one to try this meal,  so I'll have to make this again (I want to make this again!) for My Beloved.  A basic cost analysis of this side dish: $2 a person.  Expensive, yes,  worth it, yes.  I just loved it!

Tomorrow we have a crayfish boil for dinner.  I think I will make the dreaded recipe early and bring it with us so I can keep up with my deal.  I only want to occasionally trade Friday's and Saturdays.  I would prefer to keep my Saturdays free for family time.  

Day 5: Artichokes Braised with Onions and Thyme.  I am dreading this one.  I HATE ONIONS.  But the rules state,  I must not omit them (and I have to take Thank You bites and eat them!).

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