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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Braised Bok Choy with Plenty of Garlic pp.35

Thinking, Pondering, Thoughts
     Where do I begin tonight?  I am so exhausted and ready for bed,  but it is only a little after 8:30 as I write this post.  I know I was excited to make some Bok Choy,  but nervous at the same time,  I love to eat it, but I have never prepared it before.  It seemed so elusive to me.  Well,  I might have prepared it before,  I cannot
remember if I had it as a part of the CSA last year.  Anyways.  On to...

     So,  I pulled all the leafs off and washed them.  Some of the leaves were damaged, so obviously I threw those away.   I really need to get a bucket for my compost pile,  would had made a great addition.

    I cut the leaves as he asked,  so I thought....

     He told me to cut it crosswise.  I thought, man this is weird.  It does not fit in my pan!  How am I supposed to eat this?  I hope Mr. Bishop never reads this at all.  I was so stupid,  and tired.  Crosswise would have been cutting in the other direction.  After I took the picture on the left,  I took a knife to the pan and made smaller pieces... crosswise.

     He was not kidding when he wrote in the title "Plenty of Garlic".  I love garlic, so the more the merrier!  The smell was wonderful,  the taste and texture was great.  He suggested in the book to use it for a bed for a piece of fish,  so I did that.  It paired wonderfully!

Other News
I put Lemon Verbena in my rice tonight,  but I did not detect a difference in flavor.  I hope if there is some vitamins in the herb that I at least got something out of it.  The picture on the left shows my rice with some of the cooked herb nicely arranged on the top.

My Satsumas (a type of orange) are growing nicely on one of the trees,  but the other tree never blossomed this spring,  which is making me worried.  I put some fertilizer in the ground that is for fruit trees and I hope there is still time to save it.

I need to make some bread.  Maybe I will have a pretty homemade bread picture for y'all tomorrow in the "Other News" section.  Ok,  I'm tired,  hope you all have a great night.  Thanks for reading.

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