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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sesame Stir-Fried Broccoli pp.45-46

Ok, time for some more broccoli again.   I just realized that I have not done a formal photoshoot of broccoli, and I will have to remedy that soon.  Next week... more broccoli!  I can never eat to much broccoli!

     I started by looking up what it meant to "stir-fry".  To me (before research) to "stir-fry" meant to stick everything in a pan and cook it till done and serve over rice.  Plain and simple, eh?  But, I was wrong.
  Here are two sources here and here (< --I love Kathy Master's stuff!  It's fun to watch... I promise!).
     I also learned why woks are awesome (although I do not have one anymore), you move the cooked items to the side and then cook the next part while it all stays in the pot.  Fortunately, I happen to know that the edges of my iron cast skillet stay pretty cool (hence the reason why I can only cook a few pancakes at a time).   It worked pretty well,  but it makes me interested in getting a new wok...

     I made sure that I followed every direction, except I failed to cover with a lid and let it steam the broccoli after I 'fried' it.  It was very good!  I loved the sesame seeds and all the flavors of the aromatics.   I wish however there were carrots.  I missed them.  

Other News
     Yesterday, one of the other things I did was I cut up a whole chicken, froze the pieces individually, and make my own homemade chicken broth.  Tomorrow I am going to cook down the broth and freeze it into ice cubes.  If I ever need chicken broth, I can pop one of those babies into a cup of water and have an instant cup of chicken broth!  The whole chicken only cost me $5.  But it was a regular WalMart Chicken.  
     I think I am going to invest in free range chickens from the farmers market from now on if I can keep doing this method.   I figured if I keep saving the thighs, legs, and wings, I could basically have a 'free chicken' and save money for a week or two on higher quality meat!  I learned about how to cut up a chicken from here.  He has one on making the chicken broth too.   (The image to the right is the chicken pieces already frozen,  I used the breasts for pulled BBQ sandwiches tonight)

     Well,  until Monday,  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am going to take the next two days off and do yard work, shop at the local farmers market, hang out with my friend, and eat pizza!   Remember our freedom and who we need to thank! THANK YOU DEAR VETERANS! 


  1. Hmmm, I'm not a huge fan of stir-fry, but it sure looks good in the picture :). The chicken stuff looks fun too! Did your broth concentrate turn out good?

  2. Not sure yet. I stuck some in the boiling water for noodles to see if it would add some nutrients to the noodles (maybe I'm being to hopeful!)


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