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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farmers Market Saturday, May 29,2010

I went to the farmers market today and saw this:
According to their claims,  if you eat their food, you will not get FAT.   I think we need the FDA to verify their claims. 

I bought lots of vegetables and a chicken, I think an organic chicken because I spent $3 a pound on it.  It's part of my new chicken plan :D.   I have to let it thaw so I can fabricate it,  but it will be part of my menu this week.  I will let the pictures explain what I got.  I did not know it,  but I think I will need more egg plant.  The cucumbers are not for this week,  Chef Turbo has really gotten into pickles,  so I am going to teach him how to make pickles, and I am going to learn too. 

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