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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roasted Asparagus Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette pp. 17

What Are Shallots?
Shallots are like mini onions that grow like garlic.  They are cute little things,  but let me just say,  they can make you cry as if you cut into an Vidalia Onion.  That stings!  According to my 'Field Guide to Produce'  Chefs like these because these tiny little dudes can really pack a punch,  and boy did they.  Even though I did not physically eat one of these (I think I had a bite),  they infused my asparagus with flavor.
This is the reason I did not really eat any.  I left the pan in the oven a little too long and, well, let's just say that the scallions roasted a little too long...

In Regards to the Blood Orange Vinaigrette...
Blood oranges are not in season this time of year.  They are more popular in Europe I do believe,  so they are not part of the "Push the season" normals.  Mr. Bishop said that if we could not find a Blood Orange that we could use a regular orange (I bought a juicing orange) and add some vinegar to give it some kick.  It worked! :D  The picture to the left is Sous Chef Squeaker drinking the left over orange juice.  He loved it!  IT also helped in his training on how to drink out of a cup.

The Finished Product
To the right is what it looked like before going into the oven.  My not-so-bitter-enemy onions looked cute resting nicely on the asparagus.
The taste of the dish reminded me a bit of onions,  the vinaigrette was good.  It's not an A+ dish,  but it was worth the try.  In case you are wondering about the dragon fly... we found it outside today.  Don't worry,  it was already dead.  It's a real beauty!

Exciting News!
I finally successfully fried something! The batter stayed intact AND CRISPY,  the flavor was good, and the meat cooked all the way through.  How did I figure it out?  With the help of this great book called 'How to Read a French Fry'. It's a kitchen science book,  I love kitchen science!  It's this guy and this guy's fault.  Blame them for writing such good books on kitchen science!  Sorry, no pictures.

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  1. You have the cutest little Sous Chef I've ever seen! Granny


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