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Monday, May 24, 2010

Steamed/Boiled Broccoli with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic pp.43

    I love broccoli (Squeaker calls it 'gwawkli').  Sometimes I crave broccoli.  So, making some tonight seemed like a great idea!   This particular recipe has more than just one recipe.  It's instructions with how to boil/steam and then many ways to prepare them after the instructions.
   I loved it (of course).  Sous Chef Squeaker loved it for a while, until he met a part of it with garlic.  He does not really like garlic- I think the flavor and the spiciness.  But other than that, he wolfed it down.  I think Chef Turbo got some garlic on the first bite.  He did not eat another bite.

Other Notes:
My grass I planted on my birthday is now growing. You will not believe how happy that makes me!!   I thought it would be painful and hard to grow grass.  But, other than watering it all the time,  it's pretty easy!

I found some Sorrel at a plant nursery today,  after it grows a bit I can make some of the recipes from the Sorrel chapter.  I also found some Lemon Verbena.  I do not know why I bought it,  but I think I remember a movie where someone was so happy to encounter some Lemon Verbena, and so I thought I had to have some too.   I cannot wait to try it with tea, rice, and fish!

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