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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sauteed Bell Peppers with Garlic Flavors pp. 250


is what I thought when I saw this critter on my floor.  I have been determined not to allow any form of amphibian in my home.  They are not welcome.  And he had the audacity to make his home in my kitchen.  Do you know how loud these things sound, scurrying around your kitchen floor?  They almost sound like a mouse.  God did not create them to walk on tile floors, but rather in grass and dirt.
  It took me about 15min or so to capture this Skink.  I placed a box right outside of the hole (that I discovered was there when I discovered the skink).  After a little while of sitting on my stool to research what kind of lizard this was,  he walked into my trap (an open box).  I scooped him up and the preceded to take him outside.  Glad to have that ordeal done with!  A mom can only handle so much in one day.

Tonight's Dish
I'm having a hard time getting used to peppers, no matter what color.  I really do not care for their flavor.  So far I have only had them roasted, so there might be another way that I can prepare them and finally be able to enjoy them.  Who knows.  Anyways,  I had my thank you bite, and then ignored the rest.  It was good,  but I really do not like peppers.
  Chef Turbo was excited to have them again, although he only took a few bites.

Last Thoughts
I have decided that I like to make bread with milk and butter.  It really makes a huge difference in the loaf.  So worth the calories.


  1. Haha, where'd the bread thought come from? I love milk bread too though... its sooooo soft!! When my kefir wasn't turning out very good I used it in bread and it was GREAT!

  2. I just was thinking about my loaf of bread I made today when I wrote the post. Thought I would randomly throw that in there. You never know what I will just plain toss in a blog post. Gotta keep it interesting you know :P.


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