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Friday, October 29, 2010

Plaintains and LINKY LOVE!

This week, I decided that we were going to learn how to cook plantains.   I have had them before in Jamaica (and enjoyed them),  but I have never eaten them successfully here in the States.  Mr. Bishop had some great recipes.  First we made the "sauteed plantains".  The kids and I could not put them down.  Then I made the "Baked Plantains",  but I was the only one who enjoyed them.  I am ok with that!
I still have two more yuca recipes to complete,  and I made the "Yuca Soup".  I did not care for it.  I am not a big vegetable soup lover.
  Other things made?  I made a the "Buttermilk Pancakes" from this gals e-book and loved them!  I also made fruit leather from this other gal's e-book,  and the kids loved them and gave them a new name... 'fruit skin'.  I invented a new recipe using the dough from my "Joy of Cooking" croissant recipe.  I browned some ground beef with garlic,  shredded some cheese, and put them in the dough and squished them together.  Next time I will shape them in nice shapes and cover them in butter so they will not look so weird.  Ok... now for the pictures...

<3<3 LINKY LOVE <3<3
Sadly,  no one has told me if they wrote a blog post about their favorite kitchen tools.  So,  I only have a small number of links to share with you today.  If you are interested in doing this challenge... let me know in the comments below!

2) I just bought some apples to make these...
3) In Love!  I want some.  :D  I think I am going to get some of the 'asparagus' and fill it with the grains I use and display them in my cabinets. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yummy Yuca and Linky Love!

 This week I was trying to cook through the Yuca chapter.  It only had 4 recipes.  But life this week caught up with me,  and I only made two recipes.   They were both really good.  Chef Turbo really like the fritters,  and he got to help make them too.  I was terrified to make the Yuca because I heard that it was poisonous.  I am still not sure how it is bad,  but I followed the directions to a tee and did not waver.  All I do know is,  peel your Yuca, take the core out, and cook it.
  This week I tried to make some pita bread and I failed.  It turned into flat bread.  So sad!  I'll try again some other time.
  I made some "cow shaped" pasta.  Only because I was tired of spaghetti and the cow was the only cookie cutter I could find.
The pictures of the food I made this week....

<3 Linky Love! <3

Whole Foods for the Holidays going on at Keeper of the Home.  I love reading her blog and I am looking forward to all the posts that her blogging friends will be doing!  Join in on the fun!

I bought a new e-book (which is on sale you know...) it's a great way to take baby steps on eat real food.  It will change your life!  I already read through the book (I'm trying my first recipe tomorrow) and it was encouraging and helpful as I am a newbie on eating real food.

Cooking with my Kid is one of my favorite blogs to read,  they posted this recipe and I cannot wait to try it!

I'm also loving putting "food on my face" thanks to Crunch Betty!  Looking forward to trying this next..

That's it for today my dearest readers.  I'm thinking next week I would like to do something fun... what is your favorite tool(s) in the kitchen?  Take a picture of it and write about it.  Be prepared to share your link!  Better yet, email me { kstone (at) stonecafecreations } your link before Friday,  and I will include it in my Linky Love!  We'll have a "Favorite Tools Friday Linky Love Special!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Snow peas, butternut squash, and some linky love!

This week I made two recipes! I made a Sesame Stir Fried Snow Peas and a Oven Roasted Butternut Squash.  Both were really good.  I enjoyed them greatly!  Here is a picture of the snow peas,  one of the photos I loved the most this week...

Here is the video with some of the photos from this week.  Not thrilled with them all,  but I am kind of going through a little "mid year crisis" with my food photography right now.  I'll get back into the swing of things soon. Also,  I still have not perfected my recipe yet.  This week turned hectic,  but I will (or should) have some time this week... we shall see!!

But one thing that is not a crisis is
 (I need a superhero song for that.... or you can imagine that in your head).

1) I <3 Mac and cheese.  I also love gnocchi!  What a great mix!! It speaks to the Italian side of me.

2) Dinner rolls in a jar,  awesome thanksgiving idea!

since it's fall,  I'm still on a pumpkin kick,  and so is everyone else, since I just keep running into great things to do with pumpkin!





Friday, October 8, 2010

100th Post... do I get a prize?

I'm not going to get a prize for 100 posts,  but some comments would be nice :D.  Leave a comment telling me who you are,  if you have a blog,  and what your favorite vegetable is. 

    You would think that since I was not blogging this week,  I had tons of extra time to make some of Mr. Bishop's wonderful recipes,  but I was a slacker.  I only made one.
"Steamed Cauliflower with Buttered Walnuts and Parsley" pp.90  It was supper yummy.

Here is a video sideshow of everything that I experimented with this week...  which will then lead me to...

Last week we talked about making dried orange zest… here is another use for orange peels…. candied!  Even… chocolate covered!  I wonder if it could be Nutella covered?? 

This blog might just be what I need… no wait… this is what I need to make it feel like fall!  Thanks City Sisters for writing this post!  Cider Donuts
**My friend and I got together today to make some of these,  since we did not have donuts pans,  they turned into Cider Muffins.  Still good!  Pictures are in the slide show**

Like humus?  Try this variant!

Looks too good not to eat... some oatmeal pudding!

The sugared grapes are an inspiration to me... I want to do that someday!

I tried some persimmons this week because they are in season and at our vegetable/fruit market.  Watch this video...

My exploration into Graham Crackers.  There is a reason.  BTW,  I made some this week,  and the picture is in the slide show... you may know that already.

1) Kitty eating graham cracker
2) Who invented the graham cracker
3)  Some awesome inspiration… graham crackers don't need to be square!
**I made this recipe this week.  I went all Whole Wheat!  But they turned into molasses cookies because I thought it should have only molasses in them.  Silly me,  there is a reason why Honey Grahams are called Honey Grahams!** (and then there is a post by the same gal,  who I have posted here before… on goldfish crackers!  )
4) I knew it was a good idea to brush the graham cracker crust with chocolate!  Woot!
5)  Definition of Graham Cracker

Friday, October 1, 2010

Arugula Salad and LINKY LOVE!

Arugula and Mango Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds. PP.12

Welcome to another edition of

This is mostly a fall themed linky love!
1) Got orange rinds?  Make orange zest powder!  I still have to finish mine :D
2) Got plums? Spiced Plum Galette
3) Got pie craving?  Make a pie crust!
4) Want sour dough bread?  Make it yourself!
5) Got apples?  How about a crazy pumpkin pie? 
6) Still got apples?  Do it aussi style!

So,  my life has changed.  That has to be expected since I have been doing this since April,  and change always happens... right?  If not,  your life might be boring.  Spice it up!  Anyways...
I need to slow down on the blogging front, so here is the plan,  I'm going to post on Wed and Fridays.  I'll still do wordless wed.  On Fridays there will be a video (without me talking unless I really have time to write a script) that will recap all the recipes I made that week and any other cooking adventure we have.  Two posts a week!  No worries though... Fridays we will still have our linky love!  Because I LOVE TO SHARE LINKS!  I love to share information, and I find tons of information throughout the week! Keep reading!  Let me know you are reading by leaving a comment below.  It will make my day.  Thanks! 
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