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Friday, May 7, 2010

Asparagus Week...almost :D

So I kept it a wee bit of a secret,  I am on a trip hundreds of miles away from my home.  My baby sister graduated today and I wanted to see her and my new neice.  I did how ever keep my word to make the recipes 5 days a week, but I fear I will not be able to post any pictures till Monday (or Tuesday depending on how tired I am).  So what ever day I post pictures and reviews,  will be a big one day bash of mulitple days combined. 

Fun part is,  I am cooking in other peoples kitchens.  That is such a blast!  Wed. night I made a wonderful dish in my friend Katie's kitchen.  It was... well.  you'll have to wait to find out. :D

Tomorrow night I will be making two days worth of recipes, and my family, whom I am visiting, gets to be the testers!  I look forward to connecting with all y'all again my wonderful readers!  Have a great weekend and  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful mothers who read this blog!

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