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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Asparagus Frittata pp. 21

About the Dish:
     Today's dish was not a side dish, but rather a main dish.  Even so,  just in case it was a flop, I made some chili,  which was a flop in itself because I forgot how to make my special chili AND the ground beef I purchased was bad :(.  That stinks.
     Now,  I am keeping my word that I will put onions in the dishes I make out of this cookbook IF they call for them.  This includes all forms of onions, even the green variety.  :D  I did as I was told and chopped these bad boys up for the Frittata.

What is a Frittata anyway?
According to Wikipedia,  it's a dish that is started in a pan and then finished under a broiler.  (See link for other ways a Frittata is made).  It's kinda the opposite of an omelet.

The Chef and Sous Chef:

I let the Chef and Sous Chef help me this time, in a way.  They got curious about the green onions and the asparagus,  so I let them chop up the parts of the vegetables I was not going to use.  Way to reuse, eh?
     Sous Chef Squeaker also made his contribution to the floor.    I "look forward" to cleaning that up later... yeah.  At least they had fun exploring the vegetables.  That did not help them dive into the meal later,  but I knew they enjoyed the quality time with me as I chopped asparagus.

The Final Product:
     Nothing says more fun than using my cast iron skillet!  I love my cast iron skillet!  One day I want to get a cast iron Dutch oven. Why? Because you can take the cast iron dish from the stove straight to the oven!
     Anyways...  I am not a fan of quiches,  I quite dislike them.  But although it was similar,  it was pretty good.  The egg was not too eggie, and I could not taste the green onions (YES!).

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm! That looks yummy! I'm not a huge fan of onions either, but I always like green onions. They have all the flavor without the texture, I guess :).


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