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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To Avovado or Not to Avocado... that is the question...

Not to Avocado
     After starting dinner,  I went to start the side dish for tonight's meal.  Sadly after trying to cut open my avocado (and cutting my finger in the process), I discovered that my avocados were not ripe!  Again, another brain moment.  Where did my brain go!!!   I had to cut oranges and it was hard to keep the boys from eating them,  but they were overjoyed when I told them to dive in after my discovery.

So what now?
   Brains!  I'm kidding, but the picture on the right could almost pass for cooked brains in my option.   I had decided it was time for me to start making my own noodles and tonight was going to mark the night I did that.  I made "Rye Pasta" from the Sunset Pasta Cookbook 'Plain & Fancy Shapes and Savory Sauces' pp.12-13.  This cook book was written in 1980, but I have the 7th printing edition (1990).   Apparently they still are writing stuff.  Anyways,  I found the directions very easy and I did it!  I made noodles!! :D

Sad News'

     The last time I used my machine,  I gunked it up,  so I washed it.  Well, the pasta machine rusted.  I had to roll all the dough by hand (oh and I kneaded it too since I do not have a food processor either).  I hope I burned LOTS of calories doing that!!   Anyways,  thankfully I had an extra spaghetti head, so all was not lost.  I really wanted wider noodles,  oh well!!   Chef Turbo had a blast turning the handle.  In fact, afterwards he found little bits of dough left over and ran them through over and over.

  Any suggestions on what to do with an old rusted pasta machine?  Thanks for reading!  Have a great night/morning!

1 comment:

  1. I've done the same thing with chopping open unripe avocados... you can't do ANYTHING with them!! :)

    Homemade pasta looks fun!! We don't have a pasta machine, but I've made lasagna before. Turned out pretty good :).


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