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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken Feet Broth

 Cooking with Chicken Feet
     So, I have been doing all this research into healthy eating and cooking.  The gals on these sites talked about making homemade chicken broth.  People kept mentioning about cooking with chicken feet to make the broth gel better. In fact, the gelling substance in the feet are actually good for us.  But preparing the feet would not make you think so.

Deal With It
     One of my friends sometimes tells her kids "Just deal with it" when they go through a hard thing.  This was hard. I agree with Elise when she said,
"The "Eww" factor of chicken feet I think comes from the fact that chicken feet look a lot like our hands."
    Look at the nails, and how the chicken feet kind of just sit there so elegantly,  I really did not want to do this.  You might say,  oh, just throw them in the pot and cook them,  but you have to pre-cook them and then cut off their toes and calluses.  That was just plain gross.    Why? I don't know.  And people seem to ask that question on forums and it never gets answered.  So I guess,  since they scratch in the dirt and stuff, it must be a sanitary thing.

Chicken Pedicure
  So, here I am cutting the toenails and calluses off these warm, gooey, chicken feet.  I did all but two of them (the last two did not seem worth it).  But I survived and made it through the whole process.  Apparently our great-grand mothers used to do this all the time,  and chefs and peoples in other countries do this all the time. Why can't I?  I told my friend (who was over to hang out with me and give me emotional support through this) that I just need to become desensitized and then I can keep doing this.  For Pete's sake I fabricate whole chickens,  why cannot use the feet too?   I also have a local source at the farmers market.  Making a healthier broth... is it worth it?  

     Yes,  it's worth it.  I've been wondering all this time how to make a chicken broth that smells as good as the Ramon Chicken soup.  This is how they do it.  Chicken feet is the answer.  Super gooey goodness (as cooled,  it becomes a liquid again when warm).  Loved it!
Are you up for the challenge to make your own?

Linky Love
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Hope you had fun reading about my little adventure! Until tomorrow...


  1. I love chicken, but chicken feet just gives me the heebie jeebies.My father loved it though.You are a brave, brave, Brave woman :)

  2. who is your friend who said "deal with it"?

  3. Wow, that looks like an amazing broth. You should be proud!!

  4. Definitely Eeww. I have done it too, but I didn't spend as much time as you did with the actual feet. I just dumped them in.



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