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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Green Beans with Toasted Walnuts and Tarragon pp. 172

Green Beans
      I begin again with another farmers market find,  green beans.  The fun thing about fresh green beans is,  they have this fresh smell that frozen, or even canned green beans have.  In fact,  there is this taste, that I love,  that can only be had when biting into a fresh green bean.

Sous Chef Squeaker
     Tonight,  Chef Turbo wanted to just play video games,  so Sous Chef Squeaker took over, like any Sous Chef should do.  Thankfully I have the Pampered Chef chopper,  which is safe enough for this little guy to operate.  He loved every second of it,  even though he was not strong enough to chop it.

No Tarragon
     Sadly,  I could not find any fresh tarragon at any stores,  and for some reason I thought I had some dried tarragon in the house,  and I did not.   I did some research and I found that there were some great substitutions for tarragon.  I used anise and marjoram, and ....

     De-li-ci-ous.  It was so good.  I never expected that anise seed would work so well with green beans.  You'll have to try it some sometime!

Other News:
     I got my new bar pan from Pampered Chef today.  Since I had to season the pan,  I made, for the first time for the boys,  'Pigs in a Blanket'.   I used 'real' hot dogs,  but I used Hebrew National hot dogs.  I really like the hot dogs better than the other kind of meat they use in 'pigs in a blanket'.  Usually it tastes weird and salty to me,  but this was a much better idea.  My new bar pan is on the road to being seasoned.  I cannot wait! :D

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