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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farmers Market Saturday, June 19,2010

Today was met with some small bummers.  First off,  my favorite chicken people (who sell the chicken feet) were not there.  Then the other chicken people were sold out of chicken.   So no whole fresh chicken this week,  but that is ok,  I have stored up chicken thighs and wings to make meals out of.

The lettuce guy was out of greens.  I guess it is so hot down here in the south that it is hard to grow things like lettuce and some herbs.  I am going to have to really think about my future garden if I want to grow lettuce and such.   I have decided that the herb guys have short tempers.  That is mostly because they have tons of people asking them what is this herb and that herb and questions about herbs.

I forgot to bring my camera,  I had the sinking feeling when I got half way to the farmers market.   Although there is a farmers market closer,  I really like driving to the bigger one that is half an hour away.  I missed a great camera opportunity.  There were two boys sitting and eating watermelon that had broken at some point.  It was so cute to see one guy eating a gigantic half and the other little guy eating the smaller broken half.  They were sitting behind one of the vendor tables right next to the vendor truck.  Oh! what an opportunity missed.

Today I purchased:
For the cookbook
1 bag of heirloom tomatoes  $4
1 bag of green beans $2
1 bag of garlic $3  (but there was lots of garlic,  great deal!)
2 bags of new potatoes $5

For fun
1 bag of nectarines.

I have one link goodie for you today,  10 mistakes people make at farmers markets...

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