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Friday, June 11, 2010

Slow-Sauteed Pattypan Squash with Onion and Parsley pp. 375-376

Pattypan Squash
     I knew there was going to be at least one recipe for pattypan squash, so since it was available at the farmers market last Saturday,  I went ahead and snagged some.   Mr. Bishop called for golf ball sized Pattypan,  but I got what I was able to get.  They were a wee bit larger,  but I knew they would do.  He mentioned that if these were not available,  that zucchini would work as well.

Pan Problems
     I was making sloppy-joes in my large pan, and I could have moved them into another pan and washed my big pan,  but I really did not want to deal with all the trouble and heat,  so I stuffed the squash into my little cast iron pan.  The poor dears did not have much room to cook in,  but sometimes that just has to happen.  (I guess I need more cast iron pans...)

    Tonight,  I did not end up feeling well.  I guess I ate something earlier that has made my stomach upset.  So, not only did I forget to put the parsley on the dish,  but I also only had one bite and decided I did not like it.  To strong of an oniony flavor.    But these guys do look cute!

Here is a video I found online about using pattypan squash,  in case you ever run into these at the farmers market and feel daring to cook some up:

Other News:
We found a Swallow Tail caterpillar.   We have yet to name it,  but we are working on a nice jar so the boys can watch it grow.  The host plant we found it on was on my struggling satsuma tree (for those who don't know,  it's a type of orange tree).  So we are feeding it orange tree leaves and we got the little water tubes from the florist today to keep the sticks alive long enough for the butterfly to eat the leaves.

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