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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chilled Chard with Lemon pp. 103

     Today is one of those days where I do not have much to say.  This week when I planned my recipes,  I did not have the farmers market to determine what I was going to make for the week.  So I decided to make it a light week and cook easy recipes.   Chilled Chard was one of them.  The other nice thing is that Chilled Chard is great for a hot summers day... like today.

     I have not really cooked chard,  I really do not have any memories of eating chard before.  I picked this species of Chard because of it's beautiful red coloring.   The fun part of of wilting these greens was the water turned red.  It made me wonder if one could make a food coloring dye with it?  The answer looks like yes,  but if you really want a red color beets is the better option.

     It was good.  It was refreshing for a summer side dish,  but not something my family would enjoy.  I might keep it in mind for myself in case I want something different than a salad. 

Other News:
  I made homemade tomato sauce (it's still cooking as I write) and home made sweet and sour chicken.  Super Yummy!   Here's the link for the Sweet and Sour Chicken.
   This Wednesday is going to be Wordless Wednesday.  This time I want to include you... my readers, in this this venture.  Be ready to post a wordless image on your blog that is a picture of food.  There will be a Linky Tools thingy so you can add your link to the site.  

In case you are down today... here's a wee little smile... I made these for my little chefs today.  The legs finally curled and I was just tickled pink.

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