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Friday, August 13, 2010

Linky Love Friday #6 and Cheesy Zucchini

     Tonight was dubbed Pizza night,  Chef Turbo was just begging for some pizza.  So I caved in (because I love him so much!).  I still made my fifth and final side dish for the week out of James Bishops cookbook "Vegetables Everyday" .  Tonight we made _____. 
     Chef Turbo got to help out by putting the Parmesan cheese on the zucchini.  He always loves trying to find ways to help in the kitchen,  and this was the perfect job for him.  
     I thought these tasted great.  It seems that the Parmesan takes center stage here in the recipe, because Zucchini is naturally bland,  but I really enjoyed it non the less.

Ok.  Ready for some Linky Love??

1) Cookie Truffles made out of Nutterbutters or Oreos!!
2) How to Roast Beets and clean the beet color off your hands.  (I'll be making beet recipes soon!)
3) A whole website on cooking eggless, and in particular, an apple cake.
4)  And in case you missed my second post this week on eating eggplant,  I wanted to re-mention This Little Green Book.  A really awesome blog.


  1. Oh dear, I forgot to write the name of the recipe and the page number. I did not have my cookbook in the back room with me. I put that there to remind me to go in the kitchen and get the cookbook before I published the post. It looks like that helped, eh?

  2. Thanks Kris - glad you like the truffles. And the zucchini looks awesome. :)


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