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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drowning Basil in a Bowl of Tomato Soup

So,  I had lots of ideas on how I wanted to write my post tonight,  and then I got distracted.   Part of being a mom?  I don't know,  but at least I have a picture of tonight's meal.  Sadly my basil kept drowning.

Fresh Tomato Soup for Summer pp.333-334
    I made this two days ago.  I thought about eating it,  and then changed my mind.  Tonight I made some fresh pasta (which the kids love because it means they get to use the pasta machine) and thought I would use this as a makeshift spaghetti sauce.  Well,  the kids not only ate it as a sauce,  but as a soup and loved every bite.  My kids hate the Spaghetti-O's (which is fine because it is processed).  It warms my heart to see them guzzle down spoonful after spoonful of this soup.  I thought it was alright. 

     This soup is making me think of carrots in a new way.  I know, I know,  I said carrots.  But this soup has not only tomatoes,  but also carrots and celery.   The soup was sweet.  I cannot remember how My Beloved likes his spaghetti sauce,  but I if he likes it sweet,  I'll have to remember to add some carrots into the mix the next time I make spaghetti sauce.

Here are some more photos of the same bowl of soup.  I just was learning how to install preset filters into my program tonight:

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