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Monday, August 16, 2010

Avocados, Mangos, Pancakes, and Onions

Different Avocados
Well,  this week is going to be interesting.  I will tell you later why.   Let me tell you of a few other things that happened over the weekend first.

   1) I found another species of avocado at my vegetable store.  So I bought both the Haas Avocado and the Florida Avocado to compare.  The Haas is smaller,  has a smooth seed, and more flavor.  The Florida has less flavor and a large seed that danced inside the avocado.  My cat's paw has nothing to do with this experiment.  I now know that I will stick to the Haas all the time.

Mango Seed
Tree and Bear Pancake
I finally got the guts to purchase a Mango.  I was more afraid of having a reaction after handling the fruit, but nothing happened.  I had fun asking Chef Turbo "What color do you think is on the inside?" He guessed green.  All the other questions he got right, "it's sweet,  there is a big seed inside."  We enjoyed the flavor.  I learned that mangoes pair well with anything tropical, avocados, and lime.  I ended up making a little compote with pineapple, blueberries, and mango.  It was really good!

   This morning I made pancakes.  One of the things I love to do is to make things out of the batter.  Today I made a tree and bear.  Ok,  now onto the dish I made out of the cookbook.

red onions are perfect for roasting
In Mr. Bishop's cookbook there is a whole chapter on onions.  Ever since starting I have dreaded this chapter,  and I thought now would be a good time to just get it over with.  This week I am dedicating to getting over this chapter.  I'll still have one more recipe to finish next week,  but I am willing to do this.  Are you ready for a fun week?  This is also part of my challenge to "fall in love" or even just tolerate onions.

Tonight I made Roasted Onions with Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary pp.231-32. 
    I kind of sat there reading the directions wondering cut through the polar regions??  I knew what that meant.  But all I could think of was that the ends will stay there.  So I cut them off.  How foolish was that?  Very foolish.  I needed the ends to stay on to hold the quarters together.  At least I am pretty sure they were supposed to stay on there.  Anyways,  I cut them off,  which made it challenging for Chef Turbo and I to get the olive oil on them intact.

 This might have made a great Wordless Wed. Photo.   I was trying to convey how I feel about this.  When it finally came down to trying one,  My Beloved ate them up.  I wimped out.  My Beloved said these were really good,  but that was not enough for me to get over the pain of thinking of eating just an onion.  I have finally gotten to the point of eating onions in stew (tiny tiny little pieces).  This is extreme!  Tomorrow night... Grilled Onions! 

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