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Thursday, August 19, 2010

French Onion Soup

Sorry about the missed post yesterday.  I ended up taking a really bad picture, and I was too exhausted to fix it.  And a few other reasons why.  So,  here is the bad picture.  I did have the joy of burning a few hundred fire ants that were in my grill for some reason.  I took great pleasure in doing that.
Oh, that was the grilled onions.  I couln't eat them.  But My Beloved and Chef Turbo enjoyed them.

    Tonight, I made for the first time "French Onion Soup".   I did not have any cognac on hand, so I used Red wine vinegar.  Sadly, that kind of runined the soup.  I am happy to say that after watching tons of videos on how to cut produce,  I almost got even cuts on my onions!  I was inspired to learn after watching the first three episodes of Masterchef.  I realized I did not know how to really cut things, and if I were put up to the challenge,  they would kick me off the show after seeing me just hold the knife... not anymore!   YAY for youtube!

  Anyways.  I think the soup to onion ratio was off.  There were to many onions.  When I was in France,  I could have sworn that there was more broth and that the onions were few and had room to move in the sauce.  So either Mr. Bishop loves onions,  or I put too many in.  Oh well.


  1. I love French Onion soup and yours looks REALLY GOOD! I make it all the time and (obviously) never have cognac so I just leave that part out entirely.

  2. revisited this and now I'm craving french onion soup...


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