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Monday, August 23, 2010

Da Beets...

The stars!!
I was introduced today to The Beets!  No, not Nickelodeon's 'Doug' "The Beets",  but the root vegetable.  I never really thought about preparing this vegetable.  I mean,  oh the uses for it!  It's healthy for your body, it's red, and it makes a great food dye.  But I never thought about eating it before.

   Most people avoid eating it because their first experience to Beets were of the can/jar variety.  Although I did not roast any today,  Mr. Bishop says that they taste really good roasted.  Today's dish was made with raw beets.

beet fingers!
freshly peeled beet
Trust me,  it's beet juice.
They are not kidding when they say that beets make a dye.  My fingers were stained,  when the kids ate theirs, they rubbed their hands on their clothing (GRRR!).  Everything was coated in a nice shade of beet red.

The sauce!! So yummy.
Anyways.  Mr. Bishop had me make a dressing for this Beet Salad using Dijon mustard and olive oil and my choice of either Tarragon or Parsley.  Since I know I will not have my tarragon much longer,  I went with that herb,  and I do not regret it!  It was perfect, blended well with the taste of the beets.
Next time I might use just yellow mustard for the children's sakes.  They felt it was a little too spicy.

You should try this one!  Order the cookbook or find a recipe online for a beet salad and bring it to your next gathering.  Make it for your family and show your kids that if they dip their food in it,  their food turns red (my kids got a huge kick out of that). 

Grated Beet Salad pp. 32

Tomorrow is Video Blog!  CARROTS :D

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