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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cookies, Curry, and Zucchini

     Today was a fun day.  We had a project that needed some chocolate chip cookies (don't you love it when there is a need for those?!?) so the chefs and I whipped up a batch in no time flat.... kind of.  Chef Turbo enjoy measuring out the flour,  and Sous Chef Squeaker enjoyed playing with the salt shaker.  Thankfully,  the salt shaker had a lid on it,  otherwise the butter/sugar mixture would have had lots of Sous Chef love in it!  What did I enjoy?  Just the fact that I was eating chocolate.  Yum!

   Made some of my our favorite curry tonight.  This is the best tasting store bought curry.   Sadly, we will have to limit how much we eat this since we are switching to a "Real Foods" lifestyle.  Look at these lovely ingredents!   Funny thing is,  My Beloved was desiring this on his way home.  I'm glad I was making it!! Nothing like filling your mans stomach with something he loves.  The side dish on the other hand was not something that he even desired tasting.

Sauteed Zucchini with Lemon and Parsley pp.370
      I decided today was a good day to teach Chef Turbo how to safley handle knives.  As Chef Turbo and I were cutting away (safley) at the zucchini,  Sous Chef Squeaker grabbed a "Big Daddy Spoon", pulled up a stool, and started poking, prodding,  I dunno, you fill in the word,  he was doing that to the left over ends of the zucchini.   We let the zucchini soak for a long time and then made dinner.  I enjoyed this side dish,  although the boys (and My Beloved) did not.

It's Friday... which means... LINKY LOVE! 
Through out the week,  I am crawling through the web finding great sites to share with you all.  This is also my way of loving my Facebook friends by not always posting links as I find them.  So, this weeks love goes out to...

  1. Whoochies!  You have to read the blog post to find out more.  It's a great read :D
  2. Make your own potato chips:
  3. I would not use the canola oil,  prob. olive oil,  but this is a great recipe idea!
  4. Make some penguin appetizers!! I'm all about penguins :D
  5. Travel to Poland and read about these sandwiches
  6. You might be a real foodie if….
  7. Coke Float?  How about in a cupcake with a side of some awesome photography?


  1. curry = yuck. Your zucchini looked awesome though. :)

  2. It's the best curry (store bought) E-V-E-R!!! I think it is because of the MSG. :D


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