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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excuse me as I run and gag...

 Stewed Peppers with Tomato and Onion pp. 251

Tonight was a complete bust.  I enjoyed cutting up my sweet peppers and everything,  but our family is just not into tomatoes, peppers, and onion.  That is what made this whole side dish.  Not only that, but I spent 2 hours cooking and preparing dinner (with breaks of course) and no one really liked it.  That happens!

   It turned out really pretty and it smelled good too.  But I only licked it and that is as far into my mouth as it went.  I figured you all would get on my case if I did not try it.  Blech.

   Tomorrow is Linky Love Friday!! I've been collecting a few links for you all to "Feast" your eyes  on :D.



  1. I do love onions and tomatoes but they still wouldn't be enough to redeem this one for me. Sorry Kristie (and Mr. Bishop) this one gets an F+

  2. Well it does happen, not all recipes are great. I know I have more failures some weeks than not. Next time.


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