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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boiled Corn pp.117

     I was supposed to cook this yesterday,  but I forgot to purchase the cobs of corn.  SO,  we had the Avocado soup (it was so weird tasting we poured it down the drain) and tonight we had the corn!  I went to Walmart to pick some up, and it was $.16 an ear.  Amazed,  I began to talk to this elderly lady who fiddled with the corn and said it was too dry and she was going to WinDixie to get their corn.  I know that Walmart usually has crappy questionable produce,  hence the reason why I like to go to the farmers market and get my produce fresh and local. 

 Letting Him Grow Up
    It's hard to do.  Chef Turbo was so excited to see corn.  I asked him "What's inside?"  He thought long and hard about it, and he said "Yellow corn?".   So I told him "Let's find out!".  So he began to peel off the layers of wrapping and as soon as he saw the first bit of corn he shouted "Look Mommy!  I found the corn!".  It was as if he was opening Christmas presents.  After he finished that ear, he quickly grabbed another.  He also loved taking the silk off the ears stating that "It tickles".
     Next step,  washing the corn.  He really enjoyed this too.  I only got to wash one ear. 
    As I heated up the water for the corn,  he kept coming into the kitchen asking if the water was ready.  As soon as it was,  he was there to watch the corn go in.  This was a great time for me to teach him how to take a lid off a boiling pot of water.  I also showed him how to carefully place the ears of corn in so he would not get burned by the water.  He put two ears in carefully and successfully.  Sniffle,  my little guy is growing up!

     It was wonderful, JUICY, and sweet.  The kids enjoyed every bite.  I loved it too,  I enjoyed it nice and plain to let my taste buds capture the whole flavor of the corn.  My favorite way to eat corn on the cob is to grill it, but it's all good.  The elderly lady totally missed out on some good corn,  I hope that she had found some good ears at WinnDixie.

     Something I learned from Mr. Bishop's book, was to cut the ears in half and then take the kernels off.  I did that for the Sous Chef, and it worked out great!

    SO,  how do you like to eat your corn?

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