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Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a little love...

I've been sick since yesterday,  hence reason why there is no post,  but writing out my linky loves is a lot easier for me to do,  and I can sit.  So here they are! 

1) Great reasons why to make bone broth.   I highly suggest getting rid of the bullion cubes :D

2) More bone broth awesomeness from another perspective.

3) Homemade dips!

4) Homemade refrigerator jam, for the faint in heart when it comes to canning (like myself).  Looks wonderful,  I cannot wait to make some :D.

5)  A lesson learned about using live lobsters.  Great story!

I should be back to normal on Monday!  I'm skipping the farmers market tomorrow to get more rest, so I'll have to find the Tuesday farmers market,  we'll see how that all goes!  Pray that our family gets over this wonderful summer cold bug soon. 


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