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Friday, July 2, 2010

Whole Heads of Roast Garlice with Grilled Bread pp.167

Moldy Garlic
     Sometimes life throws disappointments your way,  but there is always another way,  or just substitutions.  Thankfully I had some garlic in the refrigerator, but I was trying to keep my garlic in the pantry closet in a basket.  Apparently, somehow my garlic was too moist and it became moldy on me.   How do you store your garlic?  Is it store bought or farmers market bought?

Store Garlic Saves the Day
     I have had this in my fridge for a few weeks now.  I decided to use it because it was not growing anything (mold or greenery).  Mr. Bishops directions on how to prepare the garlic, was unusual to me.  I needed to keep enough skin on to keep the cloves from falling off,  and then I needed to cut the tops off for some reason I do not understand.  I have no idea on how to research, or what in the world I did.

     It smelled weird cooking.  That might have been because this was not a fresh bunch of garlic.  The smell was almost not that pleasant and it freaked me out the first time I smelled it, because that was not what I was expecting.   It all worked.

     IT tasted ok,  but there was not much flavor.  I was supposed to just squeeze these onto the bread,  but I think I took them out too soon.  If only I knew the science behind what was supposed to happen here!  I think it needed more salt too...

 Friday Link Love!
     Things I discovered on the Internet while goofing off this week:
1) Grow your own celery from the celery you bought at the store.  Best done in late winter!
2) Need something refreshing to drink this summer??  Try this!
3) One recipe, 4 uses... tomato sauce!

Final thought:
Are the ice cubes falling out or jumping up?? 


  1. Aw Kris, Thank you for including me in your Friday love that is so nice of you!! I love Roasted Garlic, my husband always requests that I make it when we grill during the summer :)

  2. Hi, Kris! Loved stumbling across your blog (via Leftover Queen...). A thought about garlic comes from what my husband said after talking to the produce vendor when buying garlic (and other produce) for our cafe. He told me there is Chinese garlic (which is quite cheap) and California garlic (although in other areas, I'm sure it varies). He said the Chinese is often found to be practically flavorless and the produce vendor said sometimes it might even not be "up to code" (we don't know what this means!).
    In any case, I do suspect that some of the garlic available at grocery stores (especially the discount ones) may be pretty bland in flavor. It's been my experience anyway...
    Hope that info helps!


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