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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ravioli and Carrots

Ravioli and carrots??  Does this mean we get to eat ravioli stuffed with carrots??? Sorry,  that does sound good,  hmmm.. now I am craving some squash stuffed ravioli, but that is beside the point.  The point is,  I made this dish last week with my friend.  Now before you get further disappointed,  I have run out of time tonight to make my video,  but I will make it Thursday.  Tonight you get a post that should have been posted last week,  but I took the week off from blogging.  Not cooking,  but blogging.  Which means,  I have an arsenal of photos, well, one photo from each meal,  but I should have story to go with that photo... so story away..................

    For the past few months, my friend and I have been trying to get together and make pasta.  She asked me to show her how,  and I was excited to teach.  I love to teach!  So last week we finally got together.  I realized later,  she wanted to learn how to make ravioli.   I had never made ravioli,  so I figured,  lets get to the dough part (which I knew how to make) and then we could figure out the rest. 
   I showed her how to make dough the way my great-grandmother from Italy would have made it,  with your hands on a surface! (I'll have pictures in the video on Thursday,  I did that very same process tonight).  
   Now, when I visit someones home on a weeknight,  I bring my cookbook Vegetables Every Day and the ingredients needed to their home.  That is what I did and made these wonderful carrots "Maple Glazed Carrots (pp. 83).    Nothing thrilling happened while making these except all of our children getting quite dirty (that is expected of children,  my boys seem to find dirt all the time).

  Some news: #1  This is my 96th post.  Next Monday is my 100th post... what should I do to celebrate?
#2 I now have a few blog posts in reserve!  But I guess if I were posting last week,  I would have crossed the 100th post by now.  Oh well!

The Carrots and you can see the ravioli to the left.


1 comment:

  1. I love home made ravioli. I ALMOST made some last week. Instead I took a nap. It was the right decision.


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