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Friday, September 3, 2010

Linky Love Friday #8 and Trip pictures

Since I did not cook dinner (My Dad is still here and I am trying to show him some awesome places to eat around town...) I am just going to show you all a slide show of two places I ate at on my trip.  Nothing thrilling,  just something to keep you busy while you visit my site till I can get back to my normal schedule next Monday.


Now, I have been watching "Masterchef" and I love that show (except for all the crying that goes on,  that drive me crazy!).  I have been challenged in my abilities to cook just from watching this show.  After the chili episode,  I wanted to know... How do you make chili without chili pepper?!?  I grew up thinking that that is what made chili-- chili.  So I did some research.  Talk about history lesson peeps!  Chili originated in Texas, and they do not use chili powder in that recipe.  That is why they were so shocked that the lady (forgot her name already) made that mistake... enjoy this link and learn :D

I was making cookies today and I did not have brown sugar.  Rushing online to find a subsutuew I thought it would be awesome to have a list inside my door so I do not have to always use the internet.  I have a few links that you all might find useful and maybe you will want to print one of these out and tape it in a place for reference.

  3.  (takes you to a PDF)

1 comment:

  1. Is it funny to anyone else that the food substitution list states that you can substitute shredded colby for shredded cheddar? can you imagine this scenario: "I was going to make tacos, but I'm out of cheddar. I have all this shredded colby cheese but it's JUST NOT THE SAME!" followed by much weeping and possibly gnashing of teeth.
    I'm having a hard time with the idea that people can't figure that out...


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