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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Purple Hulled Peas

So last Saturday a farmer gave us (gave mind you) a grocery bag full of purple hulled peas.   I kind of sat there wondering... what in the world am I going to do with these?   Sadly,  Mr. Bishop had no recipes,  so I had to turn to the Internet.  Being a northern gal,  I was completely new to these legumes so this was a fun adventure.

The first step was to hull the beans.  Chef Turbo only helped with a few and then grew tired of the project.  That was alright with me.  I found it a bit relaxing to just stand there and hull peas.  Thankfully there were not too many.   I found this recipe,  I think a great starter recipe for someone like me.  I mostly followed it and the peas came out great.  I love the creamy texture they have.  They are also sweet!  I think I will invest in these beans/peas more often when they are in season.

So what things pair well with these beans (or peas, they look more like beans to me!)?  I tried looking online to find a resource to share with you all,  but alas,  you'll have to go look on Google.  It's kind of entertaining.  But one thing I see often,  bacon grease,  garlic, onion, and Tony's Seasoning.  These peas are a southern thing,  so think... southern cooking, a tough thing for a northern gal like me to do.  But I am getting there with my Cajun neighbors help.

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