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Friday, September 10, 2010

For snack... carrot salad and some linky love!

I was supposed to roast some peppers on my grill today,  but it was so hot and stuff,  I just didn't feel like it.  So I grabbed a few carrots and made this dish,  Bistro Carrot Salad pp. __

     It was good,  but it did not sound as good as the recipes I was researching outside of Mr. Bishops cookbook.  They were all talking about adding Dijon Mustard.  Oh,  how I would have traded the mustard for the lemon,  it sounds so good!  Anyways.  The dish was still tasty,  I enjoyed it.

Now for some LINKY LOVE!

1) Speaking of carrots... I ran across this site.  It's about a carrot museum.   That's right,  a museum dedicated to carrots.

2) Two sites about being a Nutella Freak.  I am one,  I love Nutella!  I eat it by the spoonful,  well I did till I went on a "diet" last week. Site one and  Site Two.

3) This pizza sounds so good!  I cannot wait till my diet allows grains again so I can eat it!

4) Not only does she briefly cover what's bad in today's overly processed foods… she goes to my favorite shopping store, MEIJER!  I miss that store so much!  I knew it was Meijer by looking at the shelves (so weird) and then I confirmed it when I saw the sales stickers :D.  I'm such a Meijer geek.

Now to end your reading of this blog post with an Irish Proverb...

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