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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mushrooms and Corn

    Thanks for bearing with me on my mini "not blogging" vacation.  I almost got one of my websites done.  The reason it did not get finished is because the company I was working with changed their system,  and we are still working out all the bugs.  Sigh.  Anyways...
  New blog post for a new week.  Mushrooms and Corn! 
   Last Saturday I purchased some Shitaki mushrooms from the farmers market.  I am really excited about the mushroom farmer there because I can buy this block thingy for $20 and grow my own shitaki mushrooms!  Anyways....

The boys enjoyed looking at the mushrooms.  I let them play and look at them for a few minuets.  You would have thought that would have helped them want to eat their mushrooms later, but alas, they are more fun to hold than to eat.  Oh well,  it was worth the try.

The final results of the dish were delicious.  I still have some left over and I am looking forward to eating them for lunch tomorrow.  Speaking of lunch,  I have to go run and get my oats and barley soaking!   Corn and Mushroom Saute pp. 120.

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