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Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Peas Please

So I am doing something new.  Instead of making these dishes for dinner,  I am making them for lunch so that I have better light to work with and my mind is not tired from a long day of being wife and mom.  
     Today's dish was Peas with Onions and Mushrooms (pp.247).  Yes,  there are onions,  and yes I did eat them.  Sad thing is, I burnt the onions a bit.  The other sad thing is,  the normal housewife would think they caramelized the onions,  but the truth is,  they were burnt.  Anything to get away from that onion flavor.   I love mushrooms,  so I knew that is would have to be a great dish.  With the mushrooms,  do you think it would become a wee bit like a 'pealaf'?  Haha!

Anyways.  The dish was similar in the sense it used the same herbs as the last pea dish.  Parsley, Basil, and Tarragon.  Funny thing is,  because of the burnt onions and mushrooms,  the "outdoors" flavors turned more earthy and melodious.  It was very smooth tasting and wow,  so good.  I ate the whole bowl.

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