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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3: Roasted Artichokes and New Potatoes pp4

I started to day like my normal days.  There was no adventure like yesterday.  I ran, planned, and painted the boys room.  I was out of artichokes, like a painter with no paint,  I knew I had to go and get some more.  But I wanted to make sure I got the "Baby Artichokes" for my next recipe.   I called my favorite produce store, but to on avail,  they were still out of stock.  Lacking a phone book for the parish next to me,  I called Whole Foods.  Guess what,  they had Artichokes in stock and Baby ones to boot!  But, it was $2.50 a head for not the normal kinds of artichokes I have been purchasing.  $6 for the box of 12 baby artichokes.

Now, baby artichokes are from another part of the plant, they are not the "younger" version.

I also purchased purple artichokes and long stem artichokes.  :D  I'll post a picture tomorrow me me holding the long stem variety like flowers (they are in fact flowers!)

I have come up with a plan on how to off set these problems of locating the vegetables I need for this project.  I am going to network at the local farmers market.  I am going to try and collect either business cards or names and phone numbers so that I can contact them when I need something.  Hopefully they will be close enough so that this will work :D  The question is, do I have the guts to do this?

 It took some carful planning today to get the timing all right for this meal.  I had to roast the potatoes first and then add boiled artichokes.  Which meant I had to prepare them during the time it took to roast the potatoes AND still make the normal main dish... spaggetti with meat sauce.  Too many carbs,  but I did not think while making my menu this week that this would cause a problem.  I'll do better next week.

The side dish was good.  I wish Mr. Bishop would have added two, no, three things, and then it would have been perfect!  Salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary.  I guess whenever I roast my potatoes,  that is how I like them done.  We added salt when we sat down to eat,  which we never do,  but that was the only way I could really enjoy this piece.  Oh well.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Day 4: Browned Baby Artichokes and Mushrooms with Garlic

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