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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cook, The Chef, and The Sous Chef-- Beginning.

So, I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" and loved the idea of cooking through a cookbook. I somewhat liked the movie except for the swearing and the sex scenes. Yes, I am that sensitive and I like my movies to be clean of all that.

Anyways, I discovered that lots of people do "Cooking the Books" blogs. I thought, why not take such a challenge? I recently took up a challenge from Kid Appeal to eat a food I hate. I signed the petition. There are only less than 30 days left to sign and say "I will conquer a food I hate". Which one did I pick? Onions. Blech. I hate them with great hatred!

Anyways, back to my real challenge, to cook through this cookbook:

Here are my rules:
1) I will post recipe name, a picture, and what page number.

2) I will only cook out of this cookbook 5 days out of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are too crazy for me to keep up with this project.

3) I will do my best to write a review of each recipe and how the family reacted.


5) I will post a weekly post about the vegetable we will be eating for the week(s).

Now to introduce who will be making these creations!

I will be the cook. It's a fact, I am just a cook. I know that Chefs are people who are a professional, but I read somewhere that when involving boys in cooking, it's good and healthy to call them a chef while they are young.

Cook: Me, Kris
Chef: Turbo, 4 years old.
Sous Chef: Squeaker, 2 years old, and will probably cause more chaos than help, but that is ok :D.
Reviewer #1: My Beloved (I figured he needed a job in all of this).

Starting tomorrow we will begin with the first chapter Artichokes.

Part of the thistle family. The part we eat is the flower bud. The smaller they are the more tender they will be. The larger the more woody. Baby Artichokes can be eaten without much preparation. I need to look for some that will snap when a leaf is pulled away from the bud. If it just bends back, it is not fresh enough. I can buy enough for the whole week. They last a week in the fridge. (1)

1) Field Guide to Produce pp.113-115

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