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Monday, November 1, 2010

Marx Foods "Iron Foodie" Contest

            Iron Foodie 2010 | Here's Why that will be me: -- Fine Bulk Foods         The Foodie BlogRoll

(So sorry,  I am not sure why the badge is looking weird.)

These are some question I need to answer.  My dearest readers... let me just say... here is another side of me,  if you haven't caught this side yet...

Why do you want to compete in this challenge?
    I love to cook and I also love a good challenge for my culinary skills.  I love to cook so much,  that I have books in my cookbook shelf on the science of food and cooking.  Like Harold McGee's "On Food and Cooking" and Russ Parsons "How to Read a French Fry".  I am just crazy about food and inventing new and fun things for my family to eat!

Limitations of time/space notwithstanding, whose kitchen would you like to spend the day in & why? 
     I would love to cook with Alton Brown.  Again,  this comes back to not just food,  but the science of food. Mr. Brown also brings history into it all... which makes the normal everyday recipe more fun!  He is really my inspiration on why I love the science behind cooking!

What morsel are you most likely to swipe from family & friends’ plates when they aren’t looking?
      Chocolate.  It's my Achilles Heal.  Ask my husband.  Got chocolate cake?  I'll eat the whole thing before anyone notices...

Sum your childhood up in one meal.
     Chicken Catcha Tori... or that is what we called it.  I think we had the right to change the name,  because with how picky my siblings and I were,  my mom had to change a few of the ingredients (like no onions... see below).  Most of us asked for this dish for our birthdays and other special events.  Another tid-bit into the made up name,  we have a sister we call 'Toria'.  She hates spaghetti to this day.

The one mainstream food you can’t stand?
     I cannot stand onions.  Never have.  In fact I have memories of my mom forcing me to eat a McDonald's hamburger with the little dehydrated onions.  I gagged the whole time.  But, this year I made a commitment to learn to embrace the food I despise so much.  I can handle shallots now,  if it is boiled for a long time.  That's progress... right?

1 comment:

  1. I love you and you're funny. "That's progress... right?" haha. Yes, it is, by the way.


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