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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Linky Love and more beets

So this week I decided to make some more beets.   I want to finish the chapter, in fact,  from now on I will be trying to complete chapters to finish the book sooner.  I made three recipes, one of which, I had to really change because I did not have any beet greens.  Which means,  I can share a recipe... but I cannot promise you will like it.

   The rough part of all the beets is,  I like them,  I need to still get used to them.  Beets roasted are so sweet,  not sweet like candy,  but sweet like a sweet potato.   I think it is all just a mental thing.  I grew up eating your standard veggies,  like carrots, celery, and potatoes.   Although, back in the day,  I think everyone liked beets.  Somehow when my generation came around,  beets seemed to take the backseat with brussel sprouts.

Linky Love!
1) A unique way to peel a beets.
2) Different ways to peel beets.
3) One Mama shares her experience on cooking beets.

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