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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Linky Love and some Jicama

My little collection of homemade canned goods.
 Well, here's to another week.  I only made one dish out of the cookbook.  Now I really have to have a cooking marathon to make sure I get through this in a year!  Anyways.  First up,  my newest canning adventure.  We have some satsumas growing in our backyard.  I picked a whole bunch of them and made some satsuma marmalade.  My Beloved loves it! :D  I almost started crying after I made it because he loves orange marmalade,  and it just felt to good to harvest my own 'oranges' and then make (and can) by hand my own marmalade,  just for him!  Chef Turbo seems to love it too.

     I only made one dish out of Mr. Bishops book this week.  The star ingredient was a Jicama.  Very interesting,  and I can now proudly say I can use this vegetable if I were ever challenged to cook with it.   It tasted good,  but I wish that it did not have the scallions in it.  They seemed a little over powering.  Oh, BTW,  there were no oranges,  I just added that for extra decoration,  otherwise it would just look like a boring bowl of jicama and carrots.
Jicama and Carrot Salad pp. 183
   I also thought, for photography reasons,  that adding some sesame to it would look more interesting.  It did not add or subtract from the taste.   It just made it look more appealing.  

1) I read this article the same day I am going to cook a whole chicken!  What wonderful planning!

All about Brining
2) I love Alton Brown,  I also love to brine my turkeys.  Try it this year!  It's so good!
3)  I am going to try and use these this year with these bags I bought at the Williams Sonoma store.

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