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Friday, October 22, 2010

Yummy Yuca and Linky Love!

 This week I was trying to cook through the Yuca chapter.  It only had 4 recipes.  But life this week caught up with me,  and I only made two recipes.   They were both really good.  Chef Turbo really like the fritters,  and he got to help make them too.  I was terrified to make the Yuca because I heard that it was poisonous.  I am still not sure how it is bad,  but I followed the directions to a tee and did not waver.  All I do know is,  peel your Yuca, take the core out, and cook it.
  This week I tried to make some pita bread and I failed.  It turned into flat bread.  So sad!  I'll try again some other time.
  I made some "cow shaped" pasta.  Only because I was tired of spaghetti and the cow was the only cookie cutter I could find.
The pictures of the food I made this week....

<3 Linky Love! <3

Whole Foods for the Holidays going on at Keeper of the Home.  I love reading her blog and I am looking forward to all the posts that her blogging friends will be doing!  Join in on the fun!

I bought a new e-book (which is on sale you know...) it's a great way to take baby steps on eat real food.  It will change your life!  I already read through the book (I'm trying my first recipe tomorrow) and it was encouraging and helpful as I am a newbie on eating real food.

Cooking with my Kid is one of my favorite blogs to read,  they posted this recipe and I cannot wait to try it!

I'm also loving putting "food on my face" thanks to Crunch Betty!  Looking forward to trying this next..

That's it for today my dearest readers.  I'm thinking next week I would like to do something fun... what is your favorite tool(s) in the kitchen?  Take a picture of it and write about it.  Be prepared to share your link!  Better yet, email me { kstone (at) stonecafecreations } your link before Friday,  and I will include it in my Linky Love!  We'll have a "Favorite Tools Friday Linky Love Special!"


  1. the fritters look like hash browns. What does it taste like? oh, and I LOVE German pancakes-make them they are sooooooooooo good!

  2. They did not taste like hash browns... I can tell you that. It had some anise in it, so it tasted more like anise with egg and yuca.


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